Mountain Bike Trailer for Hunting

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Mountain Bike Trailer for Hunting

Looking for the best mountain bike trailer for hunting?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll discuss some of my top picks for mountain bike hunting trailers. From the top models on the market to tips on how to use your mountain bike for hunting. 

Off-Road Mountain Bike Trailer

In this section, we’ll get into some of the best off-road mountain bike trailers. We’ll also briefly discuss the features of each, so you’ll know which one best suits your needs. 

Bakcou Single Wheel Trailer

Bakcou Single Wheel Trailer

The Bakcou Hunting Cargo Trailer is a top-rated high-quality mountain bike trailer. It’s ideal for off-road hauling on almost any terrain, and its single wheel design makes it ideal for use on narrow single tracks. 

The Bakcou Hunting Cargo Trailer measures 16.5 in width, 28″ in length, and 12″ in height. It has a long, narrow cargo area thta’s designed to be not much wider than your mountain bike. 

This single wheel mountain bike trailer only weighs 29 pounds but can handle weight up to 90 pounds. Although its 3″ fat tire isn’t as big as other mountain bike trailers sold today, it’s still very well-made & is durable enough to survive even the roughest trails. 

To use this trailer, you’ll need a KID Axle installed on your bike, which is sold seperately.

Bakcou Folding Deer Trailer

Folding Deer Trailer

Hauling a deer back after a successful hunt is made easy by the Bakcou Folding Deer Trailer. 

This folding Mountain Bike Trailer can be used as a handcart and can be pulled behind a bike or used as a hand cart. It provides plenty of space, measuring 18″ in width and 48″ in length, with a wheelbase of 27″.

The Bakcou Folding Deer Trailer is an excellent choice for hunters because it’s very lightweight (only weighs about 25 pounds) and can carry up to 200 pounds of load, depending on the trail. All you need is a KID axle on your bike and you can use this trailer with ease!

Bakcou Compact Gear Trailer

Compact Gear Trailer

Another mountain bike trailer that made it to this list is the Bakcou Compact Gear Trailer. With this trailer, transporting your gear from one place to another will be easy.

The Bakcou Compact Gear Trailer is compact, measuring 19″ in width, 26.5″ inches in length, and 11″ in height. Its outside wheel area is 30″, which is a pretty decent size for a wide trailer.

One thing that makes the Bakcou Compact Gear Trailer different from other trailers is that it only weighs 38 pounds but can support up to 200 pounds of load. This means you can haul a lot of gear without having to worry about overloading the trailer.

The tires of the Bakcou Compact Gear Trailer are 20″ in height and 3″ wide. These measurements will give you peace of mind knowing that your trailer can overcome any terrain during your ride.

The Bakcou Compact Gear Trailer also comes with a top cover, so you can protect your gear from the rain and other elements.

Similar to other Bakcou mountain bike trailers, this requires a KID axle for use on most bikes. 

Quietkat Cargo Trailer

Compact Cargo Trailer

Don’t get fooled by the looks of the Quietkat Cargo Trailer. This mountain bike trailer might not look as heavy duty as some of the others on this list, but it has all the essential features expected of a hunting trailer.  

The Quietkat Cargo Trailer has a two-wheel design, which makes loading and unloading fast and easy. It doesn’t have any frame around the trailer, so the load can hang over the sides as needed.

You can adjust the angle of the rack of this trailer to 3 different positions. This enables you to choose an angle that suits your needs best.

Another great feature of the Quietkat Cargo Trailer are the rugged 20″ x 4″ tires.

The Quietkat Cargo Trailer measures 47″ in length and 18″ in width.

You can use the Quietkat Cargo Trailer with Quietkat bikes, as well as other types of mountain bikes, regardless if they’re powered by electricity or not. As long as you have a full-suspension axle or standard axle, you can take this mountain bike trailer almost anywhere!

Can You Use a Bike Trailer on a Mountain Bike?

Yes, bike trailers are compatible with mountain bikes. You’ll only need a hitch arm and coupler attachment to attach a bike trailer to your mountain bike. These can also be used on Fat Tire Bike Trailers.

How Do You Use a Mountain Bike for Hunting?

Mountain bikes are highly versatile and can be used for hunting. If you don’t have any experience using your mountain bike for hunting, these tips can help:

  1. Pick the right mountain bike. Ideally, the best mountain bikes for hunting are e-bikes as the loads and terrain make for a challenging ride. Weigh the pros and cons of each type of bike to determine which one best suits your needs. 
  2. Choose the best mountain bike trailer. Since you’ll be carrying a lot of gear before your hunt and your game after the hunt, it’s important to pick the right mountain bike trailer. A great bike trailer can make your hunt much more enjoyable! 
  3. Determine how to carry your game back. Figure out early how you’re going to carry your game back to avoid any delays or problems after the hunt. Remember to consider the size of your trailer based on the game you’re going after. 
  4. Tie down your trophy securely after the hunt. It’s very important to bring adequate tie-downs to properly secure your game onto your trailer once you’ve made the kill. Plan on bringing strong enough tie down straps that will be able to easily handle the loads.


To ensure that your upcoming hunt will be one for the books, use the information here to pick the best mountain bike trailers for hunting. With these tips, picking the right mountain bike trailer for hunting will become a breeze!

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Happy Hunting!

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