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Hey guys, I’m Michael.

I’ve spent countless hours testing and researching Bike Trailers of all shapes and sizes over the past few years. I’ve compiled and presented my research here as a resource for my readers.

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Bike Trailer Overview

If you ride often you probably have a list of reasons why cycling is way superior to almost any other mode of transportation out there. But there’s one big limitation to traveling by bike. There’s usually not enough room for your stuff!

Fortunately, a bike trailer is a simple solution to this problem.

When compared to bike packing bags, pannier bags, or a backpack, a bicycle trailer is a great option for carrying all kinds of stuff. They’re perfect for transporting kids or pets around town, carrying groceries or cargo, and going on long bike tours.

In this guide, I’ll go over the various types of bike trailers, popular brands, features, and applications of the different bicycle trailers.

So let’s get started!

Kid’s Bike Trailer

Kid's Bike Trailer

Kid’s bike trailers offer more space than even the finest kid’s seats for transporting children. They’re also arguably more convenient: with a trailer, you simply fasten the kid into their seat, and off you go.

Features of Kid’s Bike Trailer

Pockets for storage

For your child’s toys, games, and food, most trailers have interior storage pockets and a snack tray. Many of them have adult storage compartments where you can keep your keys, wallet, and diaper bag or backpack.


Each passenger in an enclosed trailer is seated in a seat with a harness system, similar to that of a kid’s car seat. The seat on higher-end models reclines for a more comfortable resting position—ideal for catching a nap while riding.

Suspension & Seating Capacity

Some bike trailers come with a suspension to soften the bumps that are part of any bike trip.

Also, bike trailers for kids and pets can come with either one or two seats to carry extra passengers.

Parking Brake

To keep the trailer from rolling away, all convertible enclosed child trailers have a parking brake. The safest ones encircle the hub with a lock. The brake on lower-cost trailers may be a bar that presses against one of the tires, which is less secure.

Retractable Sunshades and windows

Some trailers have retractable sunshades and plastic/mesh side windows, allowing your child to look out and get good cross ventilation while riding. UV-rated plastic and/or fabric are used in some trailers to protect your children from the sun’s rays.

Bowed sides are common in high-end trailers to provide more interior space for children.

Best Kid’s Bike Trailers on the market

There are lots of kid’s bike trailers to choose from, but I was able to narrow down my favorites. They are as follows:

Burley Bike Trailers

Known for their quality and craftmanship, Burley Bike Trailers are one of the best choices you can make when buying a Bike Trailer. Whether you choose a more affordable option like The Burley Bee, or the more premium bike trailer The Burley D’Lite X, it’s hard to go wrong with a Burley Trailer!

All Burley Bike Trailers are centered around safety and comfort for children and riders. They also all come standard with high-quality 20″ wheels, which smooth out the bumps even on rough trails. Couple that with the interior comfort that they’re known for, and you have one of the best lines of kid’s bike trailers found anywhere!

InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

The InStep Take 2 Double bicycle trailer is unquestionably one of the most popular choices. It’s easy to see why given that it checks all or most of the boxes you’re supposed to check.

To begin with, the trailer’s frame is made of tough steel, making it a high-quality trailer. Despite this, it manages to be relatively light. It also comes with molded rims and 16-inch pneumatic tires. This ensures a comfortable ride on a wide variety of surfaces.

It also has a canopy that serves as a barrier from bugs and debris. Your kids can relax and enjoy the ride without getting dirty. If it rains, there’s an extra weather shield.

This trailer can handle up to two kids if their combined weight is less than 80 pounds. One of the big advantages of this trailer is that it can be folded and folded flat.

Another advantage is that its coupler can fit on all kinds of bicycles.

Clevr Double Bicycle Trailer

Clevr is a less well-known company. Despite this, it’s managed to come up with a creative and practical design.

The Clevr Double bicycle trailer is also a little heavier, but that extra weight is put to good use. This is due to the fact that it is much larger and has a lot of room for the kids. This is a nice fit for two kids as long as their combined total weight is no more than 88 pounds.

The fact that this trailer can conveniently be transformed into a jogging stroller is what really sets it apart.

In bad weather, the canopy provides plenty of protection.

Hidden Gem Feature – This trailer has been designed to stay upright even if the bicycle tips over, which is an outstanding safety feature.

Allen Sports Bicycle Trailer

This Trailer includes sixteen-inch tires, steel construction, and an available safety harness. It also includes a weather and bug shield and a bug to keep your kids safe.


This trailer is foldable, making it extremely easy to store and carry by hand. The Allen can support around 100 pounds, which is slightly more than the InStep. However, it appears to be a tighter fit, making it a better fit for younger children than older ones.

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Dog Bike Trailer

Dog Bike Trailer

All dogs enjoy a ride in the fresh air but if you have a senior, ill, injured, or disabled dog, taking them out in a bike trailer to see and smell the world around them can greatly improve their quality of life!

Puppies require socialization and exercise, but they frequently exhaust their energy before you do.

Putting your puppy in a dog bike trailer gives you so many more options for walking your pup while still ensuring their safety.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Bike Trailer

  • How many dogs do you have?
  • How big are your dogs?
  • How much does it cost?
  • How much weight will it support?
  • Will you be riding on paved roads, or off-road?

Off-Roads’ and Paved Roads’ Best Dog Bicycle Trailers

If you plan to ride your dog trailer mostly on roads and paved bike paths, I recommend the following dog bike trailers:

Burley Tail WagonPet Bike Trailer

  • Best for: On the road, bicycle touring, paved paths, and city riding.
  • 75 lbs. maximum weight
  • Stroller, jogger conversion kit

The Burley Tail Wagon can be used as your first dog bike trailer for both short and long-distance touring.

The Tail Wagon is my top pick in bike trailers for dogs because it’s designed specifically for dogs and considers your dog’s safety & comfort in every aspect of the trailer.

Users adore the stroller attachment and use it all of the time when they need to unhook the trailer and walk their dog.

There is plenty of storage on the backside of the trailer, so you can keep leashes, water bottles, and other pet supplies there.

This trailer’s $400 price tag makes it accessible to most aspiring riders and won’t break the bank.

Cadence Bike Trailer from Thule

  • Best for: Road Cycling, bicycle touring/ bike packing, paved paths, and city riding.
  • Weight limit: 100 lbs.
  • Kit for converting to a stroller included.

Although the trailer is designed for children, you can modify it to remove the child seats and make more room for your dog.

The Cadence’s weight capacity is high, making it ideal for larger dogs who require a little more room to move around.

Cadence Bike Trailer has the following to offer:

  • Folding is simple for storage and transportation.
  • Wheels are made of aluminum.
  • There is a flag included, as well as a roll-down rain cover.
  • a well-known and well-respected brand
  • The warranty is limited to a lifetime.
  • Excellent value for its price.

Burley D’Lite Bike Trailer

  • Best for Off-road, gravel grinding, sand, dirt roads
  • Maximum weight: 75lb | 100 lbs
  • Conversion kit: Stroller (included), jogger, ski, sand, and gravel

Many users choose the Burley D’Lite, and they were blown away by the durability and suspension.

The roughest gravel roads, crappy asphalt, and cobblestone were used to put this trailer to the test. It has never let us down.

It’s pricey at $850, but for those who can afford it and plan to use their trailer, this is without a doubt one of the best bike trailers for rough terrain on the market.

The D’Lite Single is a good option for cyclists with smaller dogs.

It was designed to accommodate two children, but with a few minor modifications, it can also accommodate dogs.

Bike Cargo Trailer

Cargo Bike Trailer

On long bike tours or errands around town, a cargo trailer allows you to transport bulky items. Towing items in a bike cargo trailer allows you the flexibility to carry heavy loads long distances.

Cargo trailers are simple to unhook when you arrive somewhere and want to leave your belongings behind.

Once detachable, some cargo trailers can be used as wheeled carts, which are ideal for rolling into the farmers market or grocery store, or for unloading directly into the house.

Recognize a cargo trailer with suspension if you plan to haul gear on bumpy roads or trails. Suspension prevents your gear from bouncing around.

It also aids the trailer wheels in maintaining contact with the ground, making your load easier to maneuver and putting less strain on you, your bike, and the trailer.

There are two types of cargo trailers: one with one wheel and one with two wheels.

Single wheel bike cargo trailer

Bike Cargo Trailer

Single-wheel trailers are generally more maneuverable and have less road drag than two-wheel trailers. They’re easier to maneuver on technical terrain like singletrack.

 A single-wheel trailer will roll better on a narrow track than a two-wheel trailer.

Two-wheel bike cargo trailer

Loading and unloading are easier with two-wheel trailers because they keep your load balanced and stable. You won’t have to worry about perfectly balancing your load while packing, either.

Because they are usually wider than single-wheel trailers, they may require more turning room.

Best Bike Cargo Trailers

I discovered some of the best bike cargo trailers while researching the market. They are as follows:

Bike Cargo Trailer by Burley

The Burley Travoy Bike Cargo Trailer is a great trailer for light loads like groceries, luggage, golf clubs, or small coolers because it is foldable, versatile, and durable.

Wheel guards, a kickstand (for use when it’s freestanding), a push-button wheel release, and a three-tier folding system for easy storage are just a few of the thoughtful features included in its unique, dolly-like design.

The trailer attaches to a bike post with ease (no tools required), and the length of the tow arm can be adjusted to accommodate different types of bikes or cargo racks. The cargo trailer is small (just under 11 pounds) and capable of carrying up to 60 pounds.

Deluxe Cargo Trailer by Allen Sports

The Allen Sports Deluxe Cargo is a budget-friendly trailer that’s ideal for lighter loads. It’s perfect for trips to the grocery store, sporting events, the beach, or the laundromat.

The cart has a cargo net to secure items and can hold around 50 pounds of gear. The rear axle attachment is compatible with most bicycles, and the plastic wheels work best on the pavement.

Day Tripper Cargo Bike Trailer by Schwinn

The Schwinn Day Tripper is a good choice for a covered cargo trailer at a reasonable price, as it is made by a reputable company that has been designing bicycles and accessories since the 1800s.

The Day Tripper is a versatile trailer that’s compatible with most bikes and comes with a Schwinn Universal Coupler attachment. It has a haul load capacity of 100 pounds and a larger storage compartment (nearly 23 inches).

The water-resistant cover protects against rain, dust, and UV rays and can be rolled up when not in use. This trailer is also easy to store thanks to its collapsible frame and quick-release wheels.

Single Wheel Apex Rage Powersports

Because the trailer flows from side to side more easily than a two-wheeled trailer, single-wheel bike cargo trailers can be easier to maneuver than two-wheeled trailers, especially in tight turns. The Rage Powersports is a low-cost single-wheeled vehicle that can tow up to 65 pounds.

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The cargo bag has a large front storage pocket and the trailer is made of reinforced steel (that can also double as a backpack). For added visibility, there are rear-wheel fenders, reflectors, and a flag. Although it is compatible with the majority of newer bicycles, it is designed specifically for quick-release axles.

Mountain Bike Trailer

Mountain Bike Trailer

Mountain bike trailers are an excellent way to transport your child while riding your bike. They are a stable and safe way to roll with your kids because they are protected from the elements and are surrounded by a roll cage.

 Mountain bike trailers are the quickest way to include your child in your cycling life, as they can transport infants as young as 3 months old until they are about 5 years old. Mountain bike trailers are better suited for longer rides than front child seats because they can accommodate luggage, allowing you to bring more food, clothes, diapers, or whatever else you need.

The ability to transport large children and extra gear, however, comes at the expense in terms of rolling resistance: the heavier your load, the less enjoyable riding hilly terrain will be.

A good mountain bike trailer will fit any bike, despite axle type or width, hardtail or full suspension design, and it should be adaptable to fit other bikes as well. It’s critical to choose the best mountain bike trailer for your family’s needs so, here are some important things to consider:

  •  Ask yourself, “where do I want to ride it?”
  • The weight, rolling resistance, and how the mountain bike trailer affects your bike’s handling,
  • Make sure your mountain bike trailer has the ability to handle rough terrain or go up and down curbs.

Mountain Bike Trailer for Hunting

Choosing a good mountain bike for hunting can make the experience more enjoyable.

Mountain bikes come in two main types that are suitable for hunting. A regular fat tire mountain bike and an electric fat tire mountain bike are the two styles.

You may have realized that both of these mountain bikes have fat tires. A fat tire mountain bike is what I would recommend for hunting because it allows you to ride on a diverse array of terrains, pretty much all of which you will encounter while hunting, while also providing a more relaxed, wholesome ride.

Furthermore, the obvious benefit of using a regular fat tire mountain bike over an electric fat tire mountain bike is that it will be significantly less expensive.

In comparison to an electric bike, which starts at a couple of thousand dollars for a decent fat tire mountain bike, you can get a reasonably good regular fat tire mountain bike for a few hundred dollars.

However, there is a clear advantage to electric fat tire mountain bikes. If you aren’t particularly athletic, not having to half-pedal or only having to assist pedaling on occasion is a big deal.

Electric fat tire mountain bikes will also allow you to bring more gear and hunt for larger animals because they can comfortably carry much more weight on the trail.

Bike Trailer Stroller

Bike Trailer Stroller

Aside from the obvious benefit of being able to tow a bike trailer with any bike, there are three main advantages to using a bike trailer stroller as your go-to stroller:

The wheels on bike trailer strollers are tall

Bike trailers have tall, thin wheels, much like those on a bicycle. These wheels make for an excellent stroller. They’re big enough to handle rough terrain, rocks, mud, sidewalk curbs, and rain puddles with ease.

16-inch and 20-inch bike trailer wheels are available. When used as a stroller or a bike trailer, a bike trailer with 20-inch wheels is perfect because it makes for a more comfortable ride for your child.

Bike trailer strollers are convenient for kids

Bike trailers have comfortable seats that are especially well-suited to keep kids comfortable for long periods of time.

Look for a bike trailer with a “bench” style seat rather than a “hammock” style seat. Bench-style seats are more stable and comfortable for children, especially when two or more children are seated together. Children may find hammock-style seats uncomfortable because they lack firm support.

Bike trailers are made with safety in mind

The safety features of a bike trailer are unbeatable! They are made to withstand high-impact collisions while riding a bike, so they provide excellent protection while strolling (or biking).

A five-point harness, protective cage, and sturdy metal or steel frame materials are among the safety features.

Best Overall Bike Trailer Stroller

Based on years of personal experience, customer reviews, and affordability, there are several stroller bikes trailers that I recommend. But my top pick for this is the Schwinn Joyrider.

Schwinn Joyrider

  • Double-seater
  • A stroller can be converted.
  • 100-pound weight limit (43 kg)

The Schwinn Joyrider has high-end features like stroller conversion right out of the box, a solid protective cage, large 20-inch wheels for an extra smooth ride, and a spacious interior.

Bike Trailer Accessories

Bags for gear

Many cargo trailers come with a variety of bags to keep your belongings clean, dry, and organized.

Arm/mount hitch

Some gear trailers come with interchangeable attachment systems that allow them to work with a variety of rear axles, wheel sizes, and brake configurations.

Additional bike mount

You may need additional bike mounts depending on how your trailer attaches to your bike, so you don’t have to switch a single mount from bike to bike.

Attachment Systems for Bikes and Trailers

Bike trailers attach to your bike in a variety of ways, depending on whether they’re for your child, gear, or pet. Trailers are commonly attached to your bike’s seat post or rear axle. Make sure the trailer you’re considering is compatible with the brakes, axle, and drivetrain on your bike.

You’ll be able to connect the trailer to your bike right out of the box in most cases. Many trailers are compatible with many bikes that have standard quick-release skewers; the rod that connects the wheel to the bike.

Connecting a trailer to some bikes may be more difficult. To make the attachment work, you might need an adapter or aftermarket accessory part. Adapters may be required for bikes with hooded dropouts, thru-axles, or internal gear hubs.

Bike Trailers Storage

Consider how much space you have for trailer storage before you buy. Some kid trailers store flat and have removable wheels, while others store fully assembled. Some are packaged in convenient carry bags that can also be used to transport gear.

Smaller wheels make trailers more compact and easier to store. Larger wheels, on the other hand, absorb road bumps better than small wheels, resulting in less jostling of your passenger or gear. Cargo and pet trailers typically have 16″ wheels, while most child trailers have 20″ wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bike trailers worth it?

Bike trailers will make your bike longer, heavier, and more difficult to maneuver. The additional resistance provided by two extra wheels may make pedaling less enjoyable. A lightweight trailer, on the other hand, may be able to solve this problem.

Can any bike pull a trailer?

Most trailers will easily attach to your road bike if your bike’s rear-wheel has a standard quick-release (skewer that goes through the center of the wheel). Some bicycles, on the other hand, may require a simple adapter to attach the trailer.

At What Age Can a child go in a bike trailer?

When children are able to support their heads without assistance, they can ride in bike trailers. This is usually between 9 and 12 months, but every child is different, and you are the best person to know your child.

How much does a bicycle trailer cost?

Bicycle trailers range in price from $100 to $1,000, which is a significant price range. The more expensive the trailer, like with most things in life (unfortunately), the nicer it will be and the better the construction will be. Lower-cost trailers are not as comfortable or durable as higher-cost trailers.


I hope you’ll find choosing the right type of bike trailer for you and your needs easier after reading this! If you enjoyed this article, go check out my post on bike cargo trailers.

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