Mountain Bike Cargo Trailer

A mountain bike cargo trailer is considered by many (including myself) to be essential equipment for anyone who’s looking to get maximum utility out of their mountain bike!

They allow you to transport large and awkward items with relative ease.

Going hunting out in the woods? Pack your gear into your trailer and you’re good to go!

Planning to camp off the beaten path? Secure your camping gear in your trailer and head out! 

In this article, we’ll get into some of the most important details.

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Benefits of Using a Moutain Bike Cargo Trailer

There are some really cool benefits to using a Mountain Bike Trailer that may not be super obvious on the surface.

Using a Bike Cargo Trailer Saves You Money

Using a Bike Cargo Trailer Saves You Money

Yes, buying a mountain bike cargo trailer will cost you money, but that purchase will save you money in the long run.

According to the US National Household Transportation Survey, car trips of less than a mile add up to 10 billion miles every year.

And with Gas prices as high as they are, you can really save a bundle of money by hauling items in a bike trailer instead of driving everywhere you go.

If you often see yourself driving to destinations that are under two or three miles, then you can save a huge amount of money by using your bike trailer instead of driving a car. 

Helps The Environment

As mentioned in the previous section, collectively people drive 10 billion miles per year to reach destinations less than 1 mile from home. Just think about the environmental impact of this!

Using a bike trailer enables you to protect the environment in many ways:

  • Reduces air pollution – Biking releases no carbon into the air, making it the most eco-friendly mode of transportation.
  • Reduces Noise Pollution – Relying on your bike trailer for your daily commutes also reduces noise pollution. Even with a trailer attached, your bike will not produce unwanted or disturbing sounds as you travel. 
  • Supports Biodiversity – Biking protects green spaces and the wildlife that lives within them.

Good For Kids

Showing children that there are alternatives to car rides gives them an amazing example.

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Using a bicycle trailer will encourage your kids to take care of the environment.

When they see you’re using a bike trailer instead of a car to reach short destinations, they’ll model that behavior as they grow.

Additionally, letting your kids see that you’re using a mountain bike cargo trailer will teach them the importance of taking care of their own bikes.

Better For Your Health

One of the biggest benefits of using a mountain bike cargo trailer is it helps you improve and maintain your health! Bicycle trailers can carry heavy loads, some as heavy as 300 pounds, which means that you’ll need to put more power into your pedaling as you ride your bike. 

This requires your body to burn more calories and your heart to work harder. Over time, this helps improve your stamina, wellness, and overall physical fitness. 

Because of the amount of weight you can carry on your extra large bicycle trailer, using it at least once every week for about five miles will give you an awesome workout. The longer you go using your bike cargo trailer, the stronger and healthier your body will get. 

Improves Mental Well-Being

Tests have shown that exercise that includes daily cycling helps boost your mood. This happens because whenever you’re physically active, your body releases endorphins and adrenalin hormones that make you feel happier. 

Biking combines physical exercise with exploring natural views and being outdoors. This experience improves your mental state by boosting your attention span and lowering your stress.

When you bike alone, you’ll have the opportunity to process your worries, concerns, and stress. When you do it with other people, you’ll be able to broaden your social circle and create healthy friendships! 

How Much Weight Can a Bike Trailer Hold?

How Much Weight Can a Bike Trailer Hold

The typical mountain bike cargo trailer can carry loads of up to 160 pounds. But depending on the design, components, and construction, some bike cargo trailers can carry loads up to 600 LBS!

However, when using a bike trailer, it’s essential to note that carrying heavy loads often may affect the durability, longevity, and structural integrity of the trailer. This is especially true if you carry loads that almost reach (or exceed) the allowable weight capacity of the trailer. 

To keep your mountain bike cargo trailer in tiptop condition, avoid putting loads that almost reach their maximum weight limit. 

If you’re looking for a bike trailer that is designed to handle heavier than normal cargo loads, then you may want to check out Bikes At Work Bike Trailers. They specialize in designing and creating heavy-duty bike cargo trailers and Fat Tire Bike Trailers that can handle up to 600 lbs of weight.

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Yes, you read that right…

These Cargo Bike Trailers can carry cargo weights this heavy because they specialize in heavy-duty bike cargo trailers!

The Surly Bill Trailer is another standout in the world of heavy-duty cargo bike trailers. The Surly Bill Trailer can handle 300 lbs of cargo weight thanks to its flatbed design and durable handmade construction process.

How Fast Can You Go With a Bike Trailer?

How Fast Can You Go With a Bike Trailer

On smooth paved roads, you may be able to reach speeds of 35-40 mph if road and wind conditions are favorable.

Keep in mind that heavy loads and steep inclines can slow you down.

But for example let’s say you’re carrying a 30-pound load in your mountain bike cargo trailer and you’re cycling on level paved surfaces, you may be able to ride as fast as 20 mph.

Extra Large Bicycle Trailer

Many mountain bike cargo trailers are oversized in comparison to normal bike cargo trailers.

Besides being larger than other bike trailers, extra large bicycle trailers can also carry heavier loads. This increased utility makes them a more valuable companion, but it also can also add weight that you’ll need to haul.

You should be in good shape and an accomplished rider to pull heavy loads offroad.

300 LB Bike Trailer

300 LB Bike Trailer

Some extra large bicycle trailers can carry up to 300 pounds of weight. With this capacity, you can carry almost 36 gallons of storage, some very large grocery loads, construction or landscape supplies, another bicycle, or lumber up to 2.4 meters long. 

You can also buy 300-pound bike trailers that can be lengthened using modular extension kits.

These types of trailers usually come with a ready-to-use trailer hitch and heavy-duty elastic shock cords for securing your cargo.

If you often carry large or wide items when biking, look for bike trailers with wide bed accommodations. Several 300-pound bike trailers can accommodate wide cargos measuring up to 27.25” or 69 cm wide. 

600 LB Bike Trailer

Bikes at Work even design and sell cargo bike trailers with 600 lbs weight capacity. These bike cargo trailers are exceptionally well made and have a very low center of gravity.

This type of ultra sturdy bike trailer was once considered to be a premium-priced, custom-made product, but you can now get these in stock because of sufficient demand for them in the marketplace.

Takeaway Points 

You should compare available options of available mountain bike cargo trailers, so you can get the right fit for your needs.

A great Mountain Bike Cargo Trailer can make your next ride one for the books, but only if you choose a model that suits your needs and budget!

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Happy Cycling!

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