Burley Bike Trailer: Burley Bee Best Value For Money

Burley Bike Trailer

I’ve tested the Burley Bee bike trailer against the competition over the past year and a half, and have come to the conclusion that the Burley Bee is the Best Bike Trailer for the Money when considering every single important aspect there is to bike trailers.

In this review, we’ll find out what makes this Burley Bike Trailer the best Kid’s Bike Trailer for the money.

We’ll also get into its drawbacks and how it compares to other bike trailers on the market.

Let’s get right into it.

Why the Burley Bee is the best for the money?

Burley Quality is Second to None

I really can’t say enough good things about the build quality of Burley Bicycle Trailers. And it makes sense. Burley only makes bike trailers.

Because this is their only focus, they closely consider the quality of each part of the trailer.

From the quality of the Premium 20-inch wheels to the strength of their only lightweight aluminum frames. Burley Design makes Bike Trailers with high attention to detail which results in:

  • Incredibly Smooth Ride
  • Unparalleled Safety
  • Long-term Reliability
  • Superior Comfort for your little ones

Maximum Safety for Your Child

Not only is the Burley Bee bike trailer solid and durable, it’s also one of the safest bike trailers available on the market.

Burley Bee Safety Harness
Burley Bee Safety Flag

The Bee comes with an adjustable 5-point harness system, a high-strength aluminum roll cage that will protect your child in case of accidents, and a flex connector.

Additionally, this ready-to-bike trailer includes a safety flag, wheel guards to counteract road obstacles, and bright yellow reflective material to allow the trailer to be visible even during low light conditions like rain or at night.

Lastly, owners can also attach external lights to the trailer’s light loops to provide even more visibility.

Burley Bee Has Premium 20-inch wheels

Premium 20 Inch wheels are a standard feature on all Burley bike trailers. These wheels can only be described as top-of-the-line and make a big difference in the ride quality.

Burley Bee Premium 20-inch wheels
High-quality 20-inch wheels come standard on the Burley Bee

Some cheaper brands use 16, or even 12-inch wheels on their trailers. This may not seem like a big difference, but smaller wheels mean your kids feel each and every bump in the road.

The large 20-inch wheels on the Burley Bee provide a very comfortable ride which will keep your kids very comfortable on your bike trips!

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Lots of Storage Space

Burley Bee has lots of storage space for cargo
The rear storage area on the Burley Bee is huge!

Cargo space on the Burley Bee is incredible, with a maximum capacity of 100 pounds for the double child trailer and 75 pounds for the single child version.

The rear Storage Compartment on the Bee is so roomy that you may find you have room to spare when you have everything packed in.

On different trips, our family has packed picnics, games for the park, school supplies, and an impressive amount of groceries in the rear storage space.

Lightweight and Robust Design

Burley Bee is Lightweight and Robust

The Burley Bee bike trailer is made with heat-treated aluminum frame tubes and hinges and an aluminum roll cage which means that this bike trailer is super safe for your little ones to sit on and relax during rides.

The Burley Bee is one of the most lightweight trailers. It only weighs 21.8 pounds. It’s so lightweight that most people can easily pick it up with just one hand.

Other bike trailers on the market with the same build and materials can weigh as much as 40 pounds.

The trailer’s front-to-rear fold feature also increases the burley bee’s strength and stability.

Durable Water-Resistant Covers

Rains can be quite a problem for some bike trailers when strolling around the area, but not if your trailer is the burley bee.

The burley bee is made with a water-resistant plastic cover and 600D polyester attached firmly to the trailer using strong velcro to ensure that your precious children or cargo is safe against heavy rains or snow.

UVA & UVB Protected Windows

Burly Bee UVA & UVB Protected Windows

Adding to the list of impressive features of the burley bee bike trailer is that it has SPF 50+ tinted windows that protect your kids from harmful UV rays.

According to Burley Design, “The window material used on all Burleys (both the clear and the tinted) has been tested to resist 85% of ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB).”

The front and back rear windows also open up to provide your kids with good ventilation.

Easy To Store

The Burley Bee bike trailer folds for easy storage and transportation. The trailer is made with high-quality 20-inch wheels that are easy to detach and replace; simply push the yellow button between the wheels to easily take them off the trailer.

Roomy and Comfortable Cabin

Burley Bee has a Roomy and Comfortable Cabin

Needless to say, the Burley Bee bike trailer is made with comfort as one of its top priorities.

It has a hammock-style seat design that will give your kid passive suspension to provide comfort even when strolling through uneven roads.

This trailer also allows for extra headroom for your kid to move around using the trailer’s recessed helmet pocket.

The lightweight frame and sturdy 20-inch wheels with excellent suspension will give you and your child a great bike ride around the street.

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Ventilated Seat Backs

Burely Bee Ventlated seat backs

The backing of the child compartment is made of quality breathable netting, which makes the trailer cool when it needs to be.

Does Not Convert Into A Stroller

The main drawback of this trailer is that it doesn’t convert it into a stroller.

But this is also one of the reasons why this trailer is ultra-light.

For a more complete view of all types of bike trailers, go check out my Bike Trailer Ultimate Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Burley bike trailers good?

Yes, Burley Bike Trailers are very highly rated. Burley has been producing tons of bike trailers and strollers since 1978. Their experience with bike trailers makes them one of the best manufacturers globally, but what makes Burley stand out from its competition is its versatility.

Burley allows consumers to choose among various bike trailers available on their website, from family, cargo, to even pets; Burley’s got them all.

Adding to this, they always make sure that people from different sides of the scale can purchase any of their trailers, with their products ranging from entry-level to high-end bike trailers for those who want extra features and comfort for their children or pets.

Burley bike trailers are also safety tested to ensure that their products are super safe. Burley prides itself on standard tests regarding reliability and durability, such as allowing their products to be chemically and physically tested.

So you know that when you buy a Burley Bike Trailer, you’re always getting high-quality.

Where is Burley made?

Burley bike trailers are made in Eugene, Oregon. Made by 59 employees in their Oregon-based facility, the stamp of quality goes on each & every trailer that leaves their facility.

The founder Alan Scholz started Burley design in the 1980s as a company focused on bike bags. With hard work and dedication to his craft, Burley became one of the most successful bike trailer brands worldwide. So much so that the name Burley has nearly become synonymous with the phrase Bicycle Trailers.

Why are Burley bike trailers so expensive?

Bike trailers can be pretty expensive in general. That’s why choosing the best trailer for you is so important.

Burley Bike Trailers are a bit more expensive because they’re made with high-quality materials designed to keep your child safe and secure. Burley trailers are also highly durable, as proven by their standard tests to ensure their products are consistently reliable and durable.

But Burley allows consumers to choose from various price points to ensure that everyone can get a bike trailer for their price range selected.

Obviously, the higher the price ladder you go, the more features you get.


Wrapping it up, the Burley Bee Bike Trailer is the best bike trailer for the money!

It provides your child with comfort, safety, and storage in the interior pockets and the rear cargo space for cargo, toys, groceries, etc.

The trailer’s spacious interior design and recessed helmet pocket allow your child to have plenty of room to move and look around as you’re biking.

The Bee’s five-point harness and aluminum frame also assure parents that their child is safe and secure even when biking rough terrain.

What’s Next…

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