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Ebike Trailer

EBikes have revolutionized cycling over the last few years, but they have the same drawback as all bicycles. There’s no room to carry cargo or supplies. That’s where the eBike trailer comes in. If you’re in the market for a bike cargo trailer for your eBike then read on.

In this article, we’ll get into the details of various bike trailers, including some of the most popular types and brands on the market.

Best ebike Hunting Trailers

QuietKat Two Wheel Game Cart

QuietKat Two Wheel Game Cart

The QuietKat Two Wheel Game Cart has made a reputation for utility and durability. It attaches easily to most bikes and can be used as a hand cart to haul heavy items while walking, though it’s technically not designed for hand use.

QuietKat has been making top-quality products since 2012 and in that time created a name for reliability & quality.

Product Specs & Features:

  • Adjustable – 3 different angles of incline
  • Cargo Area Dimensions: 47 inches long x 18 inches wide
  • Trailer Connection: Quick-Connect fits any bike or eBike
  • Tires: 20-inch tall x 4-inch wide all-terrain wheels are rugged & durable
  • Trailer weight: 38 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 100 lbs


  • Can Attach to any adult-size bike
  • Adjustable cargo area for flexibility
  • Premium quality wheels & tires


  • Heavier than the Burley COHO XC & Rambo R180
  • Reduced load capacity compared to Rambo R180

Burley Design COHO XC

Burley Design COHO XC

The COHO XC is an incredibly well-made and durable cargo bike trailer. The folks over at Burley put a lot of thought into their product designs, and that user-friendly & common sense design is on full display with the COHO XC.

As with all Burley Trailers, the build quality is top-notch and the materials are all Commercial Grade.

Made for hauling gear, bikepacking, and single-track cargo transport, this single-wheel trailer is solid, well balanced, with a very smooth ride even over rough terrain.

Product Specs & Features:

  • Coil Spring Suspension: Provides a stable ride for trailer & gear
  • Bike Hitching System: Allows for quick & secure trailer attachment
  • Folds: Trailer folds for easy transport & storage
  • Adjustable Kickstand: Maintains trailer upright while loading & attaching
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 21″ high x 17″ wide x 66.5″ long
  • Trailer Connection: *NoteAxle sold separately. You need to purchase Burley Ballz Axle to attach the COHO XC to your bike.
  • Tires: 16-inch all-terrain tires
  • Cargo Space: 4271 cubic inches
  • Trailer weight: 21.5 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 70 lbs


  • Suspension softens impacts and helps make the ride more stable
  • Narrower body can traverse tighter trails
  • Kickstand makes loading & unloading easier
  • One-hand operation of hitching system
  • Folds for easier storage & transportation


  • COHO XC is quite long which can make tight turns difficult
  • Axle attachments are sold seperately

Rambo R180 Aluminum Bike/Hand Cart

Rambo R180 Aluminum Bike/Hand Cart

The Rambo R180 Bike Cart is well known for its strength, stability & smooth tracking, both on and offroad. An easy choice for those who already own a Rambo eBike.

The Rambo R180 is highly rated, but the has an obvious drawback of only being able to attach to Rambo eBikes. This is a real limitation of this product.

Product Specs & Features:

  • Folds flat: For easy transport & storage
  • Cargo Area Dimensions: 48 inches long x 18.5″ wide
  • Trailer Connection: Requires R150 G2 Extra Large Luggage rack for installation on Rambo eBikes
  • Tires: 16 inch tall, all-terrain wheels
  • Trailer weight: 25lbs
  • Load Capacity: 300lbs
  • Construction: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Note: Only works with all Rambo eBikes except – R350JR, R350JR G3 and The Rooster


  • Folds flat for easy storage & transportation
  • Lighter product weight than the QuietKat Two Wheel Game Cart
  • Heavier load capacity than the QuietKat


  • Only attaches to Rambo Brand eBikes
  • Additional accessory is needed to attach to Rambo eBikes
  • Smaller 16-inch wheels equal a bumpier ride

What to Consider when Choosing an eBike Trailer

What should you look for in an eBike hunting trailer? The focus should be on the accessories.

The cargo hunting trailers on an eBike for a hunter must provide:

  • Ample storage space – for equipment and game.
  • Enhanced stability – especially important when biking offroad
  • Durability – you need to know you can depend on your equipment when you travel off the beaten path
  • Heavy-Duty – trailers that can easily carry the weight without missing a step

What to consider when choosing a Cargo Hunting Trailer

eBike and Trailer Compatability

You should be sure the trailer you’re considering is compatible with your bike. Different cargo hunting trailer brands may not fit onto your bike… And there may or may not be a conversion kit available.

Buying a bike trailer from the same company that makes your eBike may be best, but that’s not always an option.

If this is your first time purchasing an eBike hunting trailer, here are some things to think about:

Cargo Trailer Capacity

Think about how much gear you usually bring and what kind of game you’ll be bringing home. Check to see if the cargo hunting trailer you plan to buy has enough space and weight capacity to accommodate everything.

Cargo Trailer Dimensions

Your cargo hunting trailer should be long and wide enough to fulfill its primary function, which is to provide you with enough storage space to get the job done.

Cargo Trailer Tires

Because offroad riding can be rough on your equipment, your eBike and cargo hunting trailer should have tough, rugged tires. Flat tires or a bent rim will put a quick end to your adventure and I’m sure you’re not interested in hauling your gear back home by hand.

Cargo Trailer Turning Radius

Connecting a cargo bike trailer to your eBike adds a lot of length to your bike, sometimes it doubles the length. Because of this, your turning radius is much wider, which reduces your ability to react to twists & turns of the trail.

When you’re riding offroad on single-track you need to be able to turn and react to whatever the trail throws at you.

You should be familiar with the trails you’ll be riding and consider whether your bike, plus trailer will be able to handle the demands of those trails.

Cargo Trailer Weight

Even an empty cargo hunting trailer can add a pretty significant amount of weight to your ride.

So make sure your eBike has the power and battery life to take you where you’re going and to get you back when the trailer is fully loaded to maximum capacity.

Electric Bike with Kid Trailer

It’s perfectly safe to tow a child’s trailer with an e-bike as long as you don’t go too fast. Maximum speed for kids bike trailers is 10 mph, so you really have to be careful to watch your speed. Electric bikes sold in the United States can have a top speed of 30+ mph (25 km/h).

What is the best electric bike for towing a child’s trailer?

When it comes to towing a child’s trailer, I would recommend a hybrid e-bike, which is typically rugged and versatile enough and designed to be ridden on or off-road.

Best Kid’s Trailers for Electric Bikes

The best kid’s e-bike trailers are next on my list. All of the trailers were chosen based on customer feedback, cost-effectiveness, and task suitability.

Bike trailer by Burley Bee

The Burley Bee Child’s bike trailer, with its lightweight design, is ideal for e-bike riders who want to transport their children safely and comfortably. This bike trailer is ideal for families on the go, thanks to its passive suspension, an adjustable five-point harness system, UPF 50+ tinted windows, and ample cargo space. It’s also simple to fold for easy storage & transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an electric bike pull a trailer?

Yes, towing a trailer with an electric bike is a breeze. The motor’s assistance will allow you to travel further and faster without noticing the extra weight, which is especially beneficial if you live in a hilly area.

How much weight can an E-bike tow?

Most electric bikes have a weight capacity of 220-300 pounds. Others, on the other hand, may pull 500 pounds or more. Some electric bikes have powerful motors that allow them to tow trailers or heavier loads over a variety of terrains, including uphill and steep climbs.

Because not all e-bikes can tow, certain factors must be considered when selecting an e-bike and the type of e-bike.

Happy Cycling!

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