Burley Bee Double Bike Trailer: One of the best!

Burley Bee Double Bike Trailer

Burley is a force to be reckoned with in the bike trailer world!

Most reviews online are very positive. And after testing this bike trailer it’s easy to see why.

In this article, we’ll get into the Burley Bee Double Bike Trailer, discuss its features and everything there is to know about this bike trailer.

Let’s get right into it.

Strong Aluminum Frame

Strong Aluminum Frame
Strong Aluminum Frame inside view

No need to worry about your child’s safety in the Burley Bee Double Bike Trailer. Its lightweight yet strong aluminum frame tubes and connectors are super sturdy!

The Bee is made with heat-treated 6061-T6 aluminum frame tubes, which provide a safe foundation for your child and gives you stable control when riding and maneuvering.

The Burley Bee also features a full internal aluminum roll cage to protect kids and give you more peace of mind in the unlikely event the trailer ever topples over.

Premium 20 Inch Wheels

Premium 20 Inch Wheels
Burley Bee 20 inch premium wheels

I can’t say enough great things about the wheels on the Burley Bee! They’re very high quality, and probably the single biggest factor that gives this trailer such a smooth and stable ride.

Thanks to these premium wheels and tires, your kids will experience a very comfortable ride!

The Bee also has outside mounted wheel guards that will protect the trailer and your child from unforeseen obstacles on the road.

Five Point Harness System

Five point harness system

The Bee has a secure 5-point harness system that safely secures your child in their seat.

Their high-quality harness system works smoothly with the trailer’s buckles, which are fully adjustable for comfort and safety.

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Huge Storage Area

Huge Storage Area

The Burley Bee bike trailer has a very spacious rear cargo area.

It has a deep storage compartment with a flat bottom that allows you to store anything from snacks, diapers, clothing, and even groceries.

Interior Storage Pockets

Burley Bee Interior Storage Pockets

These pockets inside the trailer are super handy!

Unlike many bike trailers available, the Burley Bee has 4 large pockets where you can store food, toys, and water bottles for your kids to enjoy during rides.

Comfortable and Spacious Interior Area

Comfortable and Spacious interior area

Burley Bee also has an impressive amount of interior space with a weight capacity of 100 pounds.

With 1.8 feet of interior shoulder width, the Bee gives your child quite a bit of a wiggle room. It also has a recessed helmet pocket that allows for extra headroom.

Comfortable & Durable Seating

The Bee’s hammock-style seat provides passive suspension for your kids’ comfort. The seating area is made with durable, high-quality fabric that easily stands up to wear & tear.

Waterproof Front Cover

Waterproof Front Cover

You’ll eventually get caught out in the rain when biking. And your kids getting soaked will end your bike ride right then and there.

The Burley Bee has a Waterproof Front Cover will keep your child safe & dry. The rain cover attaches to the trailer with strong velcro to keep it secure through winds & rain.

UV protective windows

UV protective windows

Rain isn’t the only factor to keep in mind when riding with your kids. Keeping them safe from the Sun is also a big consideration.

The Burley Bee has UPF 50+ tinted windows, which is uncommon in bike trailers in this price range.

Not only does it have high-quality UV protective windows, but the Bee was also designed to provide maximum air ventilation and excellent airflow through the seating area, as needed.

Folds Flat for Easy Storage and Transportation

Folds Flat for Easy Storage and Transportation

Most bike trailers on the market can be quite a hassle to disassemble or replace some parts, but not the Burley Bee. The burley bee bike trailer has 20-inch push button wheels for quick removal, making it easy for parents to repair or replace a damaged wheel quickly.

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You can easily fold down the trailer just by unhooking a frame tube which allows the trailer to completely collapse on itself, making it easy to move the trailer around and put it in the garage or in the trunk of your car.

Trailer attachments

When your purchase the Burley Bee, you will also receive several attachments along with the trailer.

Inside the box, you’ll find a tow bar with hitch, two wheels, two wheel guards for protection from unforeseen obstacles, and a bright safety flag that gives extra visibility for the trailer during low light conditions such as during rains or at night.

Additional Safety Features

The Burley Bee also has side battens that create a structured barrier between wheels and passengers. Lastly, the Bee has built in loops on the back that allow for rear-facing lights to be mounted for even more visibility while out on rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Burley Bee Waterproof?

The Burley Bee has a 100% waterproof front cover. And the roof and sides are water-resistant with its 600d polyester cover which provides protection for your child during rain or snow.


The Burley Bee double bike trailer is one of the best bike trailers available on the market.

With many features, such as the full internal aluminum roll cage, the massive rear cargo space, and the UV-protective windows. For a very reasonable price, it’s no surprise that this bike trailer has a five-star rating on their official Burley website from over 295 reviews of pleased parents worldwide.

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