Small Dog Bike Trailers (What You NEED To Know)

Small Dog Bike Trailers

Small dog bicycle trailers allow you to bring your small dogs with you when you go for a bike ride.

A small dog bicycle trailer is a little cart that you can use to transport your small dogs securely behind your bike.

Any dog owner who owns a dog that isn’t capable of jogging along you as you ride including old, small, or unwell doggies, should consider small dog bike trailers a great alternative!

What Kind of Dogs are Right for Small Dog Bike Trailers?

Disabled Dogs

Any small to medium-sized dogs that have been injured, become disabled, or even just elderly dogs that don’t get around well anymore are all a good fit for small dog bicycle trailers.

If you just want to spend extra quality time with your healthy dogs.

If you like to go out on longer bike rides these trailers let you take your pup with you to get out of the yard and see the sights.

If your dog is getting older or is disabled, they still need to get out and about for some fresh air.

Small dogs to Large Breeds

Unlike bike baskets, small dog bike trailers are designed to fit small to medium dogs.

The weight capacity is typically around 50 lbs., but some larger dog bike trailers can accommodate dogs up to 165 lbs.

Important Features of Small Dog Bicycle Trailers

Important Features of Small Dog Bicycle Trailers

The Ideal Size

The length and weight of the dog it is designed for should match the size of the dog bicycle trailer you choose.

Before making a purchase, it is important to carefully inspect the measurements and weight capacity of each model trailer you’re considering.

A dog bike trailer’s construction and suspension should permit even weight distribution as you travel.

Easy To Put Together

The majority of trailers are simple to construct and attach to your bike, but you need also to consider where you will store it while not in use.

To ensure that it won’t take up too much room in your garage, go for a dog bike trailer that can fold fairly flat.

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The bottom panel of the trailer you select ought to be cozy and padded.

A blanket can always be added for extra coziness, but ideally you want a trailer that your small dog enjoys spending time.

Before your first trip, you might want to set up the trailer, let your small dogs explore it, maybe put one or two treats inside to entice them, and then give them praise when they climb in.

Protection From The Weather

Protection From The Weather

It’s critical to get a bike trailer with weather protection if you ride your bike in all weather conditions.

A waterproof cover and mesh windows protect your pup from the elements while also allowing your small dogs to look around at the scenery even if the weather gets bad.


There are leash attachments inside dog bicycle trailers that allow you to connect your dog’s leash for safety, and also keep them from trying to jump out of the trailer.

When you’re riding, you should always make sure your small dog is restrained because sudden bumps and turns will cause them to fall or bounce around a little bit.

Always use the trailer’s restraints for your dog’s safety, just like you would do if you had a child in your car or truck.

The parking brakes, hand-lock controls or wheel brakes found on many dog bicycle trailers help hold the trailer in position when not in use.

If you’re going to be stopped for a while, you should always make sure the trailer’s brakes are engaged to prevent your tiny dog from rolling.

Hitch Design

The part of a small dog bicycle trailer that attaches to your bike is called the hitch.

You should pick a trailer that has a sturdy and user-friendly hitch connection.

Choose a metal hitch trailer over a plastic one for security and durability.

I also recommend you choose a model with a second strap or attachment point, you’ll gain even more security.

Suspension System

Your small dog will ride more comfortably in a dog bicycle trailer with a suspension system.

Your dog will be much more comfortable if the trailer has a suspension system to reduce any jolts or bumps that may happen.

Non-Slip Surfaces

I also recommend you pay close attention to the floor surface inside the trailer’s cab. A floor with good traction will help your dog remain stable as you ride.

Most dogs have excellent balance, but any extra traction you can give your dog is a bonus.

To help prevent your dog from sliding around, I’d choose a trailer with a non-slip floor.


Dog bike trailers will have either rear, side or front access doors. Those with rear access door is usually best for you to get your small dog in and out with ease.

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Even for a small dog bike trailer the bigger the door is the better for easy access.

Best Ways to Use Your Small Dog Bike Trailers

Best Ways To Use Your Small Dog Bike Trailers
  • By allowing your dog to inspect the trailer in your home, you let your dog get accustomed to a bike trailer. Don’t force them – just gently encourage your dog to enter. Make sure you praise them and give them treats once they are inside.
  • Riding your bike can be more difficult when you have a dog trailer attached to it. Start out with shorter trips and slower speeds to get accustomed to towing the extra weight.
  • Make slow, wide turns with your bicycle while towing a dog trailer… proceed slowly to avoid any risk of the bike trailer toppling over if you make a sudden turn.

Prices For Small Dog Bicycle Trailers

The cost of dog bicycle trailers vary depending on their size and features, but most models range in price from $90 to $600.

High-End Dog Bike Trailers

High-End dog bike trailers often come with all the essential elements in addition to unique features like pneumatic tires, a suspension system, and collapsing frames.

For these more expensive models, you should be prepared to spend between $210 to $600.

Cheap Small Dog Bike Trailers

Cheap dog bike trailers may not have all the best features, but they still usually have a front or side entrance, a canopy, a bug screen, and a parking brake.

The usual price range for models in this class is $90 to $210.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should a small dog trailer have?

Small dog trailers that have a suspension system ll be best prepared for handling the rougher terrain of trail bicycling.

To offer more stability and cushioning over rocky, uneven terrain, you should also use pneumatic tires with a wider wheelbase.

What is the typical lifespan of a small dog bicycle trailer?

It depends on the trailer’s quality and how frequently you use it, but my family has been using a Burley Tail Wagon for over 5 years for our small dogs and it has very few signs of wear and tear.

Do bicycle trailers for little dogs come with warranties?

While not all dog bike trailers come with a warranty, a lot of them do.

Before making a purchase, make sure to carefully read the product description of any model you’re thinking about to find out if it contains warranty coverage and what the terms of the coverage are.

It goes without saying that buying a dog trailer with a warranty is a better investment, and it also tells you something about how that company feels about the durabilty of their products.

The Wrap-Up

I think small dog bike trailers are a great choice for pet owners who value keeping active with their dogs.

Your little dogs may leisurely take in the sights, sounds, and smells of a bike ride while you do all the work by safely towing them behind your bike.

There are a lot of choices, but you need to carefully consider each one to make sure you pick the one that will work best for the two of you.

What’s Next…

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