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Burley Bike Trailers

Your Guide to Burley Bike Trailers

Burley Design has been making high-end bike trailers for over 40 years. They take their business very seriously and are proudly made right here in the USA.

I’ve always been impressed with Burley Design’s safety, durability & quality.

That’s why I recommend their products!

In this article, we will explore Burley bike trailers, including their features and benefits.

Burley Bike Trailers for Kids

Whether riding on paved roads, or dirt trails, Burley Design offers five models of bike trailers that are comfortable & practical for you and your kids. From the affordable Burley Bee to the premium Cub X, you’re sure to find a great fit for your family’s needs.

Burley Bee Trailer

Burley Bee

The Burley Bee is Burley’s entry-level kid’s bike trailer.

The Bee is a straightforward, high-quality bike trailer at an affordable price! It comes in single and double models for one or two kids.

This model is a bike-only trailer which means it does not convert into a stroller. It comes in one and two-child models.

The Bee may lack the bells and whistles found in more expensive trailers, but because of its quality and comfort, it’s at the top of my list for kid’s bike trailers at this price point.

Standard features of the Burley Bee:

  • 5 point harness seatbelts
  • Hammock style seats
  • Quality 20 inch wheels
  • Can be used with most Ebikes
  • Generously sized storage space in the rear compartment
  • UPF 50+ tinted side windows
  • 600D polyester water-resistant cover
  • Flex connector that allows the trailer to remain standing if the bike falls over
  • Safety flag for high visibility & safety

Does Burley Bee Fold Up?

Yes, the Bee folds up easily for easy storage & transport. The short video below gives an easy-to-follow tutorial on the Burley Bee Trailer folding & unfolding process.

Burley Bee Product Manual

Burley Bee Product Manual can be found here

Burley Honey Bee Trailer

Burley Honey Bee

The Burley Honey Bee is the next model up from the Bee.

The Honey Bee includes a single-wheel stroller kit that quickly converts from bike trailer to stroller allowing you to easily take your kids on bike rides or walks.

Honey Bee also sports an ergonomic adjustable handlebar which is used when in stroller mode.

The Honey Bee includes everything on the Burley Bee, plus the features listed below:

  • Only available in 2 child model
  • Includes 1 wheel stroller kit
  • Parking brake for added safety

What is the difference between Burley Bee and Honey Bee?

The main difference is that the Honey Bee can convert into a Child Stroller, whereas the Bee cannot.

Burley Honey Bee Product Manual

Burley Honey Bee Product Manual can be found here

Burley Encore X Trailer

Burley Encore X

The Burley Encore X is the mid-range option in Burley’s line of Kids Bike Trailers.

This well-equipped trailer comes with all of the features and options of the Bee & Honey Bee, but you also get a few premium options on this model.

The Encore X includes everything on the Burley Honey Bee, plus the features listed below:

  • Standard suspension smooths out the bumps and makes for an even better ride
  • Padded seats provide even more comfort for your little ones
  • Adjustable stroller handlebar, which also acts as a rollbar when in bike trailer mode
  • Additional sunshade provides even more cover during sunny rides
  • Parking brake for extra safety while loading & unloading kids
  • Interior seats can be removed to convert to a cargo trailer

Does the Burley Encore X recline?

The Encore X seats don’t reline. Reclining seats come as a standard feature on the D’Lite X model.

Burley Encore X Product Manual

Burley Encore X Product Manual can be found here

Burley D’Lite X Trailer

Burley D'Lite X

The Burley D’Lite X is a premium kids bike trailer that can hold its own against any competitors.

The D’Lite X includes everything that the Encore X offers, plus:

  • Bowed out walls for more shoulder room
  • Independently reclining seats
  • Adjustable suspension smooths out the bumps and makes for an even better ride
  • Durable hard plastic bottom
  • Premium 20 inch wheels
  • Premium seat pads and headrests
  • Floormat included
  • 1 wheel stroller kit for easy conversion to stroller mode
  • Hard plastic skid guard on undercarriage stands up to rugged terrain

Burley D’Lite X Product Manual

Burley D’Lite X Product Manual can be found here

Burley Cub X Trailer

Burley Cub X

The Cub X is Burley’s top-of-the-line and most expensive trailer model for kids. According to Burley, the Cub is their most well-equipped and rugged model of kids’ bike trailer, but to be honest I can see no difference between the Cub X and the D’Lite X. For this reason, I would only consider the D’Lite X as my premium kids trailer of choice.

Burley Cub X Product Manual

Burley D’Lite X Product Manual can be found here

Burley Cargo Trailers

Burley offers a line of four high-quality & capable Cargo Trailers. As with their entire line, they have perfected these designs through trial & error, and valuable customer feedback.

Burley Travoy Trailer

Burley Travoy

The Travoy is a very handy bike cargo trailer built for convenience and shorter neighborhood runs. Not to really well-suited for long-distance journeys.

That being said, The Travoy is super convenient because of it’s easy to use, well constructed, and easily folds up into a very portable package.

Some of the Travoy’s best features:

  • Attaches & detaches to your bike’s seat post quickly & securely
  • Doubles as a handcart with a padded grip
  • Comes with a kickstand so you can load it without holding
  • Easily folds into a briefcase-size within seconds
  • Includes tiedown straps and storage bag
  • 12″ wheels are stable & durable

Burley Travoy Product Manual

Burley Travoy Product Manual can be found here

Burley Flatbed Trailer

Burley Flatbed

The Flatbed Trailer is a basic & common-sense bike cargo trailer used for towing loads up to 100 lbs. Made with a light, yet strong aluminum frame, easy to wash nylon base, and high-quality 16″ wheels, the Flatbed will come in handy in countless everyday situations. The sides of the Flatbed also fold down for easy transport & storage.

Burley Flatbed Product Manual

Burley Flatbed Product Manual can be found here

Burley COHO XC Trailer

Burley COHO XC

The COHO XC is a single-wheel cargo trailer made for touring and bikepacking. Ideal for hauling gear of up to 70 lbs. long distances and even offroad the COHO XC can easily be folded up for storage & transport.

The COHO also features a variable width yoke, which allows it to be installed on various sizes of hub widths and tire sizes. Coil spring suspension makes traveling out rougher terrains more manageable. A useful cargo net also comes standard and keeps loads in place while riding.

Note: a Coho 5mm Skewer is required to attach the COHO XC to your bike. This is sold separately. Be sure to order the correct size skewer for your wheel’s hub spacing.

Burley COHO XC Product Manual

Burley COHO XC Product Manual can be found here

Burley Nomad Trailer

Burley Nomad

The Burley Nomad is tailor-made for touring. With a strong, lightweight frame, massive cargo area, and a weatherproof cover, the Nomad is a must-have for long-distance bike tours, as well as super useful for short runs to the store.

With its strong & lightweight aluminum frame and sturdy 16″ allow wheels, the Nomad weighs in just less than 17 lbs, but can carry up to 100 lbs of cargo with ease.

Burley Nomad Product Manual

Burley Nomad Product Manual can be found here

Burley Pet Trailers

Burley offers the following two models of pet trailers.

Burley Tail Wagon Trailer

Burley Tail Wagon

The Burley Tail Wagon bike trailer is the perfect solution for those who want to take their small to medium-sized pets with them on bike rides.

Weighing in at just 21 lbs, and with a maximum capacity of 75 lbs, this bike-only trailer has been designed to keep your pet calm & comfy as you ride. The rear tailgate folds down for easy loading and unloading so there’s no drama getting your furry friend in or out.

Other great features of the Tail Wagon:

  • Mesh front & rear windows to keep your pets cool during rides
  • Floor is removable for easy cleaning
  • Roomy interior for your pet’s comfort
  • Foldable for easy transport & storage

Burley Tail Wagon Product Manual

Burley Tail Wagon Product Manual can be found here

Burley Bark Ranger Trailer

Burley Bark Ranger

The Burley Bark Ranger and Bark Ranger XL are Burley’s premium products for transporting your pet in comfort. Weighing in at 26.6 lbs and with a maximum passenger weight of 75 lbs (Bark Ranger XL holds pets up to 100 lbs) the Bark Ranger and Bark Ranger XL let you take your pets out & about with ease.

Popular features:

  • Easily converts from pet bike bike trailer to pet stroller
  • Mesh windows allow ventilation to keep your pet cool & calm
  • Rear tailgate folds down for easy loading and unloading
  • Parking brake for added safety
  • Can double as a kennel when out & about

Burley Bark Ranger Product Manual

Burley Bark Ranger Product Manual can be found here

Pet Trailer Size Guide

Check this Pet Trailer Size Guide for which is the best fit for your dog.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you jog with a Burley?

It depends on the model of bike trailer you choose.

The Encore X, D’Lite X & Cub X models are all compatible with a Jogger Kit. Jogger kits are sold separately as an optional feature.

How much weight can a Burley hold?

The maximum height recommendation for all Burley child trailers is 41.25 inches. A single child trailer can carry 75 pounds, while a double trailer can handle 100 pounds. Maximum weight of 40 pounds is recommended for each child.


Burley’s goal is to “make adventure possible.” If you’re a parent looking to take your kids on family outings, take your pet to the park, or run errands, Burley has you covered with experience, quality, and durability. Burley trailers will give you everything you need to take your family on an adventure.

When you buy a Burley trailer, you’re getting one of the most durable, reliable, and safe trailers on the market today, thanks to over 40 years of refinement.

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